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What Do Termites Look Like


Termites can look very different even if they belong to the same species, as their appearance will differ based on what function they provide to the termite colony.  Oftentimes the hardest part of recognizing a termite problem is identifying that it is in fact termites that you are dealing with. The majority of homeowners are unable to make this distinction properly. For example, a swarm of reproductive termites may be mistaken for ants with wings, or worker termites may be mistaken as some other insect larvae.


When trying to differentiate between termites and ants there are several unique characteristics that will help you recognize that you do in fact have a termite problem. The bodies of ants and termites differ slightly but correct identification is possible once you know what to look for.  The body of a termite stays uniform at the waist while an ants will pinch in the middle.   Wings from termite reproductives are uniform in size while the wings from ants vary in length.  Flying termites (swarmers) shed their wings after the swarm, and ants keep their wings.  If you find a large concentration of shed wings near a crack in the floor or near the window, it is  very possible that termites are active in the immediate area.

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