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Bedbugs, Students, Schools & Universities


Another major factor contributing to the spread of bed bugs is that there are so many students which frequently travel to attend college or university, many of whom will ultimately take residence in a confined space. It does not matter if the student is returning for the new year or taking residence for the first time – in either case there will be a lot of individuals coming together from various walks of life, each making use of accommodations which provide service to large numbers of people. This can lead to a very complicated, and full scale problem if everyone doesn’t do their part in protecting their new home from bedbugs.

  • Frequently check your room and clothing extremely thoroughly before putting anything into your luggage, this includes doing the mattress check (Lifting sheets, looking under tags/seams etc…).  You will also want to check any furniture you may be bringing like a chair or side table, check these using the same methods you use for any other furniture, keeping an eye on small cracks or crevices the bedbugs could slip into. With this information you will be able to more properly protect your home from a bedbug infestation, but here are a few tips once again that you can use every day to help prevent bed bugs.
  • Vacuum often, making sure to clean out any travel bags or suitcases after vacation.
  • Mattress Check: Lift the sheets starting at the head end of the bed, working your way down checking for blood stains or bed bugs in the seams and under tags.
  • Bring a flashlight when checking small cracks or low light areas.
  • Be weary of yard sales, you do not want to bring in used furniture for any reason if you do not know where it comes from.  This includes mattresses/couches/chairs and even desks and dressers.
  • Make sure to check all clothes for stains that could be blood or fecal matter (clothing store/laundry mat)

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