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Avoid Bedbugs in Clothing Stores


As with yard sales and second hand stores, even clothing stores can bed bugs, and especially if they deal in used clothing.  Because so many stores allow the customer to “try before you buy” new clothing items can be infested by bed bugs before the sale even occurs.  If you decide you want to try anything on first take a moment to look for any odd stains, which could happen to be blood spots or the traces of bedbug fecal deposits. Also look in the seams of the clothing for any small white eggs or bedbugs themselves.  If you decide to purchase the item, be sure to check it once again and leave it in the bag to make sure it stays clean and free of pests.  Once you get home take it from the bag and put it directly in the dryer to be absolutely sure that no pests managed to hitch a ride home.

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