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Prevent Bedbugs During Travel


It is easy to encounter bed bugs while travelling since either you and your personal belongings will likely come into contact areas that carry elevated risk to bed bug exposure. This includes during the transportation there and back, the area you will be staying, as well as what your luggage is exposed to during the trip. Once you arrive at a location it is important you take a few precautionary steps towards minimizing the risk associated with bringing bedbugs home after your stay.


Before bringing your personal belongings into the room, be sure to check the mattress, box spring, headboard and footboard, adjacent nightstand or other relevant areas such as the luggage rack, coat rack or provided seating. Start by gently lifting back all of the bedding starting at the corners and working slowly along the sides. Carefully inspect for any streaks of blood or fecal deposits. Focus on the folds along the corded edge, or other cracks and crevices such as the mattress tag, handles or buttons. Do not overlook the box springs during your search, checking the seams, folds or joints.  Then check along the footboard and headboard, focusing on any small crevice or screw hole that bed bugs could hide in. Sometimes it even makes sense to remove the pictures or  other wall hangings that may provide harborage to bed bugs.


Keeping your luggage safe is as important as making sure your hotel room is free of bed bugs. Whenever possible, it is recommended to store luggage in a safe way, especially during the initial inspection of the room. Until you are confident that a room is bed bug free you should leave luggage or other personal items in the vehicle. Once you are sure the room is safe you can bring your luggage in, but leave it inside your bag.  Even if you have checked the room thoroughly there is still a possibility of bed bugs hiding somewhere you have overlooked. It is generally best practice not to place clothing in the drawers provided. Instead, keep them tucked away in the safety of the bag you have packed. Consider actually storing your luggage container inside a sealed plastic bag whenever it is not needed. Keep your shoes out in the open and preferably off of the floor. Bed bugs like dark places to hide so if you happen to place your shoes under the bed or in a closet that increases the possibility of taking a bed bug home with you.

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