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What To Do When Exposed To Bedbugs


If you believe you have been exposed to bed bugs then you should be prepared to deal with the potentially infested luggage, clothing or other personal items before you return home. A few cost effective measures one can easily take are to keep everything contained in plastic bags or and place the exposed items in an area that poses less risk such as the garage or bathroom until you have the time to properly sort and begin treating infested items using approved methods. Place infested clothing items or other launderables directly into the dryer for about 30 minutes at the highest setting possible. Use a flashlight and inspect the seams of the luggage thoroughly before placing them with your other belongings. If the luggage container is safe for use in the dryer, than treat it in the same way you would laundry.  Steam treatment is another effective do-it-yourself method for treating ones luggage. If no effective method is available at home than you can simply leave the untreated items in the plastic bag until professional help arrives.

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