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Bedbug Prevention at the Laundromat


Laundromats are one of the most common vectors contributing to the spread of bed bugs. Consider the patterns or typical behaviors that normally occur at a laundromat and you begin to see why bed bugs can be commonly found in these types of locations. There are a few ways that one can lower risks such as by avoiding cloth laundry bags which bed bugs can easily climb.  Instead, use a new plastic bag to transport or contain both clean or dirty laundry. Also, do not reuse a bag that held potentially infested items as there may be live bed bugs inside.

If you plan to wait at the laundromat,, be sure to check the chairs/sitting area you are in for any signs of bedbugs (Blood spots/fecal matter).  It is also generally advisable to fold your clean and dry laundry at home, as opposed to the laundromat.  This may seem like a wasted effort but consider how many others have used the available sort location to prepare their dirty laundry. In general, the less time you can spend with your clothes out in the open than the less time there is for a bedbug to sneak its way into the pile.

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