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Bedbug Prevention for the Home


Traveling may often be a primary factor with bedbug infestations, but there are many things which occur in our typical day that one should be mindful of in order to minimize the risk of exposure to bed bugs.  It is easy to overlook various methods of bed bug introduction as certain behaviors have become such an integral part of one’s life, which provides ample opportunity for bed bugs to invade our home.

Another common method for bed bug introduction is through acquiring second-hand furniture that has been used or refurbished in any way.  The most risky method of this would taking home a used bed, mattress, box spring, or bed frame which has been previously exposed to bed bugs, so be sure that you do a thorough inspection for used items before bringing anything into the home. The risk is elevated no matter if the item was found at a yard sale or on a street corner waiting to be hauled away, and it is generally advisable to avoid taking these unnecessary risks.

Mattresses are not the only thing to watch out for when purchasing used items. Couches, chairs, or even recliners may also carry the associated risks which can contribute toward infestation. It’s important to remember that bed bugs are capable of hiding in the cracked wood of dressers, some have even been known to be found inside the pages of old books. If you buy anything with small enough cracks for this pest to hide in be sure to check it thoroughly before bringing it into your home.

Luggage and furniture are not the only things that can bring in unwanted pests.  When keeping a home safe from bedbugs we must remember that the insect is an excellent hitchhiker.  Since this is the case it makes sense that any visitor may also present an increased risk for introduction of the pest.  Be mindful of where you go, or who visits you, as bed bugs can easily be carried in via clothing or backpacks.

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