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Why Hire a Professional for Termite Control?

WHY HIRE A PROFESSIONAL FOR TERMITE CONTROL It is highly advised against trying to treat your home for termites without consulting a professional, not only because average homeowners do not posses the knowledge to combat termites at a high level, but also because of the use of chemicals is always a dangerous subject if you aren’t educated on the process. The conventional barrier treatment uses a formulation of liquid residual …Read More

Termites Cause Billions In Damages Each Year

TERMITE DAMAGE COSTS BILLIONS EACH YEAR When it comes to property damage caused by termites, an infestation can be one of the worst things to imagine in terms of costs associated with the repair and upkeep of a structure. Data shows termite damage to homes, agriculture and businesses are reaching billions of dollars each year. Termites aren’t easy to notice in the early stages of infestation, so by the time …Read More

New Construction, Termite Pre-Treatment

NEW CONSTRUCTION PRE-TREATMENT FOR TERMITES Subterranean termite activity is normally hidden from view, and damages not covered by homeowner’s insurance can become expensive to repair.  Many homeowners fail to recognize the early warning signs of termite infestation and do not become aware of a termite infestation until the damage becomes obvious.  Large or mature colonies feed at a constant state and will do considerable amount of damage to a structure …Read More

Bedbugs, Students, Schools & Universities

BED BUGS, STUDENTS, SCHOOLS & UNIVERSITIES Another major factor contributing to the spread of bed bugs is that there are so many students which frequently travel to attend college or university, many of whom will ultimately take residence in a confined space. It does not matter if the student is returning for the new year or taking residence for the first time – in either case there will be a …Read More

Avoid Bedbugs in Clothing Stores

AVOIDING BED BUGS IN CLOTHING STORES As with yard sales and second hand stores, even clothing stores can bed bugs, and especially if they deal in used clothing.  Because so many stores allow the customer to “try before you buy” new clothing items can be infested by bed bugs before the sale even occurs.  If you decide you want to try anything on first take a moment to look for …Read More

Bedbug Prevention at the Laundromat

PREVENT BED BUGS AT THE LAUNDROMAT Laundromats are one of the most common vectors contributing to the spread of bed bugs. Consider the patterns or typical behaviors that normally occur at a laundromat and you begin to see why bed bugs can be commonly found in these types of locations. There are a few ways that one can lower risks such as by avoiding cloth laundry bags which bed bugs …Read More

Bedbug Prevention for the Home

PREVENT BED BUGS AT HOME Traveling may often be a primary factor with bedbug infestations, but there are many things which occur in our typical day that one should be mindful of in order to minimize the risk of exposure to bed bugs.  It is easy to overlook various methods of bed bug introduction as certain behaviors have become such an integral part of one’s life, which provides ample opportunity …Read More

What To Do When Exposed To Bedbugs

WHAT TO DO IF EXPOSED TO BED BUGS If you believe you have been exposed to bed bugs then you should be prepared to deal with the potentially infested luggage, clothing or other personal items before you return home. A few cost effective measures one can easily take are to keep everything contained in plastic bags or and place the exposed items in an area that poses less risk such …Read More

Prevent Bedbugs During Travel

HOW TO PREVENT BED BUGS WHEN TRAVELLING It is easy to encounter bed bugs while travelling since either you and your personal belongings will likely come into contact areas that carry elevated risk to bed bug exposure. This includes during the transportation there and back, the area you will be staying, as well as what your luggage is exposed to during the trip. Once you arrive at a location it …Read More

Minimize Risk of Exposure to Bedbugs

MINIMIZE RISK OF EXPOSURE TO BED BUGS Bed bugs have been out of sight and out of mind in the United States for close to 50 years, but have made a dramatic resurgence over the last decade. There are many reasons for this, such as increased international travel as well as changes in social norms and behaviors for many across the world. Bed bugs are a resilient pest and are …Read More